It comes as no surprise who the reigning champs are at the moment. The Egyptian squash players have been dominating the top rankings worldwide for a while now. But rather than stare in awe and wonder, or worse condemn them, let’s take a look at what this great nation is doing on court to become the best in the world!

Here’s a list of things you yourself can add to your repertoire to improve your own squash capabilities…

1. Put in the Practise.  The top players aren’t weekend hacks. They train for hours every single day, both on and off the court. Be prepared for long-winded rallies.

2. Play lots of different people, especially those who are already better than yourself. Try to pick up the best parts of their style of play and add them to your own game.

3. Watch your peers play. The Egyptians are very supportive of each other, they watch each other’s games, train with each other and learn from each other. This also means watching high level matches live or online.

4. Be an Opportunist. Yes, play a consistent, straight, tight length game (to get your opponent behind you), But also take the opportunity fearlessly when it arrives to drop the ball to the front corners to finish the rally.

5. Play with Pace. Your opponent won’t always be able to keep up with you if your Fitness and Speed are on point. The key to keeping your opponent under pressure is to volley, for which you need to have a quick reaction time.

6. Play the Angles. Get really good at them. Think of squash like a game of Billiards, if you use your angles right, you can pot that shot perfectly in the nick.

7. Listen to your coach!  Chances are they’ve been there done that and have a lot of experience and knowledge to share. They also do their best to keep up with innovation and whats working well for other coaches and players.

It is said that 3hrs per day for 10 years is what it takes to become number 1. In reality it is so much more than this. But if you want something bad enough, then do what it takes, but don’t forget to look after yourself in the process. Being burnt out, run down or injured won’t help you one little bit. Which brings up to the final and most important item on the list…

8. Look after your Mind and Body. As you need both of these functioning at their best.